Thursday, February 16, 2012

Smart Buying Questions

1.    I did this with salman  ok 

   A consumer can become a smart consumer by being careful about these factors:
·         Price
·         Unit Price
·         Benefits
·         Reputation
·         Warranty
·         Convenience
·         Return Policies
·         Sales and Discounts
·         Sales Staff
2.       The definition of quackery is to sell products by making false statements about it which would attract people.
The definition of advertising is to say good qualities about a product (that it actually has) to persuade consumers to buy their product.
3.       The difference between generic and brand name products is that generic products are cheaper (in price) than brand name products because they have plain packaging and are not advertised.
4.       The ways to save money when purchasing personal products  while maintaining quality are:
·         Shopping at discount stores
·         By using coupons that some stores offer
·         You can use the products of the store because they are cheaper in price, but better in quality. This means like if my mom is at Mother Care she can buy a Mother Care branded lotion rather than Johnson’s (just an example).

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