Saturday, March 10, 2012


Friday Health Assignment:
Make a toondoo toon on two of the following topics:
  • Quakery and Advertising
  • How a consumer can become a smart customer
  • Difference between Generic and Brand name products
  • Ways to save money when purchasing personal products
  • Design any product and give a description about this product (Use page 53)
  • we did this in health and i nearly made it. We chose two of the topics and we made a toondoo out of the thing. We could look at last thing about this. It was fun and do some more of this thing because it was fun

pe! march 5 -11th

Lesson Plan Week March 5-9 2012
Review and Teach:
· Pitching
· Batting
· Fielding
· Signs
· How to keep score
Drill 1:
Catch Run Throw Grounders/Fly balls – each player 1min then less
Drill 2:
T Drill
Drill 3:
Paddle Drill
Play a game
we played a game nd it was fun.(we won and lost)... We did a drill too. We caught balls like grounders. This is what we did in the week 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

pe 2 toondoo

written word

We did a written word thing for extra credit. (Only 10 got it)It was fun doing it.... It was good to... We wrote about How to practice Good Sportsmanship
· Your favorite athlete – Why are they your favorite? What sport are they in? What you would like others to know about them.
· Each of these stories has to be written using your own words no copying and pasting from articles downloaded from the web....... These were the topic we could do! I did both of them... It was easy!

pe batting

· Batting;
· 1. Stands sideways to the pitcher
· 2. Stands 1 step back from plate in center zone
· 3. Keeps dominant hand on top
· 4. Hands touch each other
· 5. Lifts bat far back & high in air
· 6. Keeps both elbows high and away from body
· 7. Steps forward shifting body weight into ball
· 8. Twists hips for extra pull power (twist& pivot)
· 9. Sees contact keeps head on ball while hitting
· 10. Safely drops bat on way to base
Play a game
We played a game and it was fun.Before we got 4 shots now 6. Then we played a game and it was super fun........ The ten steps are up there... It was good playing a game

Monday, February 27, 2012

pe softball?

today we did bating practice. We got to bat and we had 4 tries each. Yeah! kk......
Soft ball is fun and today it was better. We also did 2 laps. BOO! (bad) Today we took a shower... yeah!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

pe softball !

on thursday we did softball. We did some drills on batting and balling. We played a match and it was super fun! We did not take a shower because of buffs block. Yes! yeah! Softball is fun and it is like baseball.