Thursday, March 1, 2012

pe batting

· Batting;
· 1. Stands sideways to the pitcher
· 2. Stands 1 step back from plate in center zone
· 3. Keeps dominant hand on top
· 4. Hands touch each other
· 5. Lifts bat far back & high in air
· 6. Keeps both elbows high and away from body
· 7. Steps forward shifting body weight into ball
· 8. Twists hips for extra pull power (twist& pivot)
· 9. Sees contact keeps head on ball while hitting
· 10. Safely drops bat on way to base
Play a game
We played a game and it was fun.Before we got 4 shots now 6. Then we played a game and it was super fun........ The ten steps are up there... It was good playing a game

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