Thursday, November 24, 2011

Week Nov 21 – 27

  • Seated lotus  It is when you sit  and your arms are on your thigh.
  • Upward facing dog/Cobra pose  when you lay down and your head is upwords.
  • Downward facing dog Is when you bend down. ( shape like a V )
  • Warrior 1/2/3   1 is when put arm up and your knees bend. 2 is when you straigt your arms
  • Forward standing bend side ways and bend! 3 is when you put an arm and leg in the air!!!!
  • Chair pose  It is when you pretend to be sitting on a chair.
  • Bridge It is when you turn. ( arms and legs back)
  • Warrior pose with left/right hand supporting  When one leg is down and the oppisite hand is on the floor!
  • Infant pose or Child's pose It is when hands and our legs go left and right. ( not sure :(
  • Infant or Child's pose with opposite arm and leg stretch x1 left & x1 right. ?
  • Half moon pose with opposite arm and leg stretch x1 left & x1 right. ?didnt learn
  • Crane ? didnt learn
  • Half boat ?didnt learn
  • Wheel ?didnt learn
  • Plank It is when you do a push up. ( not a real  push up)!
  • Full boat ?didnt learn
  • MY FITTNESS  ROUTINE : i WOULD LIKE TO DO Seated lotus,Upward facing dog/Cobra pose  ,Downward facing dog ,Warrior 1/2/3, Chair pose  Plank
  • legs and back fittness ....i would do Upward facing dog/Cobra pose  ,Downward facing dog chair pose warrior pose  plank  and not last bridge.....

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