Thursday, October 13, 2011

12 September - 18 September

Moodle Class Assignment for  Grade 6 G 
  1. Go to and open an account/register
  2. Create a voki/avatar of yourself, add a background
  3. Then give a voice by pressing the text to speech button.
  4. You will first start by introducing yourself by saying My name is…. 
  5. I want you to talk about what we have covered so far in Pe & Health this year, you can use your moodle pages as a reference. You will end by talking about what we did this week in swimming.  what types of diving did we learn this week? I want you to mention all the body positions from start to finish in diving! 
  6. You will talk about:  What you think you were good in?  What you think you could have done better?  What you think we could have done more of,  so that you could have had the time to be better at. 
  7. Remember you are limited with the amount of words that you can add 150 or so, do not write too much, make it brief but to the point. 
  8. When you are finished press the done button, then press the publish button.
Copy and paste the link and send it to me at

I did this homework and I liked voki. I also learned how to make a voki. it was fun!

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