Sunday, October 16, 2011

oct 10-oct 16

This week’s Homework assignment Gr 6 Oct 10-16
This week’s homework assignment for grade 6 will be to go to your blogs and post what we have done in class this week. I also want you to talk about what you have liked/disliked in the Soccer unit, what you think you need more practice of, what you feel you have learnt
I also want to remind you that if when trying to add videos to your blog you are asked for money then cancel this. Only put your links to your works on your page. Basically just post the url of your vokis, glogsters or videos , if you’re being asked for cash, do not pay. For some people they can actually add videos and glogsters without being asked for cash or paying anything  so go ahead
I repeat do not pay any money for anything that you have to add onto your blog..
We will be doing Hand ball next week, so I want you to blog about that, say what your expectations are and what do you think of the game, have you played it before etc..
Post all these on your blog then send me the link via the drop box called “This week October 10 - 16 in Pe”.
Remember this work is due by Monday October 17 by 12 noon, no later. This and all the blog assignments are very important they will affect your grade significantly if you do or don’t complete them, so do your best and follow all the instructions carefully to get the maximum grade.

This week

10 October - 16 October

Grade 6:
Warm ups
· Musical soccer balls
· Man in the middle
· Relay races
· How to kick a soccer ball – stationery and moving
· Triangular passing 1 /2/3 touch
· 2 on 3 and 3 on 4 Defence attack
· Square passing with 8 defenders and attackers.
· Put all these kills in a game, record it and have students self and peer assess.

I like soccer because it is fun. I need more practice in keeping ball control and shooting.I learned basic skills. e.g tick tok and hat dance.

I like handball because it is fun. My expectations is to do good in handball.I think i would like it. I have  played handball before in 5th grade.

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