Sunday, October 23, 2011

17 oct- 23 oct

Tomorrow we will begin on a new unit in pe. Handball is an exciting, fast paced and adrenalin pumping sport no wander it is one of the largest and fastest growing sports in the world today.

I have attached a handball video for you to watch and see what exactly the sport is about and what you would like to be able to do comfortably by the end of the unit.

This week in handball
We will learn:
 How to dribble the ball
 How to pass the ball

I had planned not to give you any homework except post on your blog what you did this week in pe. 
Since some of your classmates have done research on the rules of handball, your assignment is to research and hand in to the drop box called Exciting Handball your work on how to play and the rules of handball. You will also need to add the link to your blog on this document.
This is due by Tuesday October 25 @12 noon.

I did this homework. It was fun and easy. I learned how to play handball and the rules.

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