Saturday, October 29, 2011

24-29 October

We will learn:
How to pivot
How to shoot the ball
Pivoting and attacking and shooting.
How to pivot:
<!--[if !supportLists]-->· <!--[endif]-->6 cone swivel
<!--[if !supportLists]-->· <!--[endif]-->Forward & Swivel pivot around 6 cones
How to shoot the ball:
<!--[if !supportLists]-->· <!--[endif]-->Standard Shot
<!--[if !supportLists]-->· <!--[endif]-->Fly shooting , 180, 360
Pivot attacking and shooting
<!--[if !supportLists]-->· <!--[endif]-->Six cones
<!--[if !supportLists]-->· <!--[endif]-->Students practice shooting from all six shooting positions

I liked doing pivoting around one cone. It was fun! We learned shooting and fly shooting too. We did fly shooting on a goal and we landed on a cushion. we did pivoting with it before we shot. We swirveled around 6 cones too. It was fun..................

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