Thursday, October 13, 2011

29aug-4 sept

Eid Health Homework
Eid Homework Health Triangle : Use the information below as a guideline. Then follow in detail the bullet points
These pages are from TeenHealth Chapter 1.
The three sides of Health pg 3-6
Making Health Connections - Health Triangle - pg 6 (make your own)
Maintaining Your Health Balance pg 7
Wellness - Degrees Of Wellness/ Targe Wellness - pg 8
Good Health Habits To Achieve Wellness – pg9
  •  Watch the video How To Use Glogster.
  •  Open a glogster account at, not
  •  Then make a gloster poster using  three themes/definitions of the 3 sides of Health, and two videos with either of the other above topics
  • You can make the videos at home or download them from youtube, make sure they are short ones.
  •  You can make it as interesting as possible.
  •  Send it in to me vial or using the drop box provided in the link below.

    I did not do this h.w as it was postponed due to eid.

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